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Häuslein Tiny House Co


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We make high-end tiny houses in Australia

The Häuslein name is German for small cabin or cottage – a small dwelling with a big heart – where it’s warm, the lights are on and you’re welcome here. We named our company Häuslein Tiny House Co because of the German heritage of two of our co-founders, as well as our appreciation for German quality engineering which we seek to reflect in our tiny house builds.



The Häuslein Tiny House Co was founded in early 2018 by four friends with a shared passion to make a big impact in people’s lives. We are strategically located in Port Macquarie (half way between Sydney and Brisbane).
We’re passionate about a few things. We believe life is for living and enjoying. It’s about relationships and building a lifestyle that has time for the little things. Growing gardens, delicious, wholesome meals cooked at home, laughter around the table, tinkering on what you love, together. We want to live and promote the less-stressed life where we can be refreshed to be productive and give our best to the world and those around us. We want to live sustainably, generously and creatively, maximising resources and keeping it simple.



Affordability is a big issue in housing today so pricing is important. Our goal is to provide quality housing at an affordable price. Imagine being able to fully pay off your home in 4 years instead of 30! Or did you know you can park a tiny house (built on a trailer) in your backyard and legally have a member of your household live in it full time without any DA Approval? Another saving of your time and money!

We offer tiny houses you can buy. Our ‘Little Sojourner’ model starts at only $79,000. We also offer partial builds including trailer only, lock-up and shell stage builds, enabling you to complete your own tiny house from whichever stage you choose.

Downsizing doesn’t have to mean decreasing your quality of living either. You can have all the mod cons and comforts, like air-conditioning and dishwasher, that you may not even have in your current home. You also have the option to go off grid, enabling you to virtually eliminate those ongoing bills.



A tiny house opens up so many opportunities with an array of possible uses. A tiny home can be your full time abode, can be used as granny flat or guest accommodation, as a weekend retreat, a home office or can provide you with rental income through use in an Air B&B type capacity.

Add to this the fact that they are easily relocatable (road registered with the RMS and legally considered a ‘caravan’), and suddenly you have freedoms that a traditional home could never offer. No wonder so many Australians are catching onto this fantastic and simpler way of living!


Q Does a Tiny House have to be registered for the road?

Yes, our Tiny Houses are fully transportable and therefore registered for the road with Roads and Maritime Services. They are legally classed as a caravan.

Q Once delivered and in place, can I take the wheels off?

Yes. Once in location you can take the wheels off, and you can even remove the drawbar to remove that ‘trailer’ look whilst still allowing you to bolt it straight back on for easy transportation when needed. A Tiny Home does not need to remain registered either. A 3-day temporary permit is available and affordable from the RMS if you need to move it on rare occasions via roadways.

Q How do I connect power & water to my Tiny House?

Our tiny houses come with the same connections you would find on a caravan. They plug in with a regular 240v power socket and water can be connected simply by clicking in a regular garden hose. Simple as that!

Q How does the toilet work in a Tiny House?

You have 2 main options. If you’re in a built up area, you can have a traditional flush toilet plumbed into an existing septic system (just check that your system is big enough to essentially sustain an extra bathroom - most would be). At the same time you would also have the drainage connected to your existing drainage system. This might cost in the realm of $1000 for both, depending on how far your systems are from where you’re positioning your tiny house.

If you’re wondering whether plumbing your tiny house into existing systems would require council approval, from speaking with our local council, our understanding is no. You can still disconnect the tiny house and move it elsewhere very easily. Just make sure sewage has the capacity for the intended usage.

The other option for the toilet is the composting toilet, allowing your tiny house to be completely independent. These are a great product and don’t smell at all.

Q Can I bring my own Tiny House Design for Häuslein to build?

We’ve put a huge amount of research into the development of the 3 main designs with slight variations that we offer. In order to maintain high levels of quality & functionality, as well as to make our builds as efficient & cost-effective as possible, we generally limit customisation to the options outlined on the model pages. If you have a brilliant idea that we don’t seem to allow for, feel free to run it by us. We’re certainly open to other possibilities but may not always be able to make it work.

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