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Fox Tiny Homes Has The Credibility, Expertise and Experience

As with most trends, the popularity of tiny houses opened the door for a plethora of businesses to expand on their offerings and enter the market. However, not all Perth tiny house companies are the same.

Here at Fox Tiny Homes, we bring years of building experience to your project. Our parent company, Fox Transportables Pty Ltd, began in 2009 to meet Western Australia’s need to house seasonal workers. Since that time, our business expanded to include Fox Granny Flats; created to help Western Australian families augment their housing to include space for elderly parents or young adult children.

We also have strong relationships within the tiny house industry in Perth and across Australia. We feel that in order to help the industry blossom further, businesses must work together and consistently produce quality work that further increases the overall demand for this relatively new styling of living.

The Global Tiny House Trend Hits Perth

After years of being advised to ‘think big’, home builders and home buyers all over the globe are seeing the value in thinking tiny. More specifically – the value and many benefits of small homes.

Living in tiny homes is a bona fide global trend that is taking Australia by storm. What began in the United States in the early 2000s as a response to financial concerns, as well as ecological responsibility, is poised for continued global growth. Market analysts project that the worldwide tiny home sector will see a substantial increase in the next decade.


Q Do I need to be an environment-loving extremist to own a tiny home?

The idea that all people who own tiny homes are radical environmentalists is a huge misconception. There is no doubt that tiny homes are good for the environment; they use fewer resources. Many owners enjoy living a less cluttered life with lower costs and room for spontaneity.

Q Can I customise my tiny home?

Often customers want to know more about items we can customise and use in pre-designed homes. There are almost no limits to what is adjustable in one of our pre-designed homes. Some choices are included in the sticker price, while other items will cost more because they are upgraded versions of standard pieces.

Q Is the trend of tiny homes over or will it be over soon?

Experts predict tiny home sales will continue to grow through the year 2022. Considering the housing crisis in Australia and other nations around the world, it seems that tiny homes will continue to answer a significant global need.

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