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Spacius, bright, quirky & situated in Hepburno Vic 
Spacius, bright, quirky & situated in Hepburno Vic 

Spacius, bright, quirky & situated in Hepburno Vic 

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This tiny has a lovely vibe and a good energy. Time to move her on because the land she’s been occupying is being sold.

Exterior roughly 8500 long x 2400 wide x 4700 from ground to highest point.

Built in 2018 on the re-enforced base of a former tri-axle caravan. Created as a permanent structure ie not as a mobile, therefore has no brakes, lights, rego or certified tonnage. Thus cannot be towed. Can however, be lifted onto a flat bed truck & transported by a house moving crew. Currently on concrete pads.

Roofing, kitchen, bathroom, wood fire installed by plumber. 240 volt electricity installed by registered electrician with 20 Amp caravan input plug. Ample power outlets and LED lighting throughout.

Ground floor is both steel and stud framed. Foil wrapped, insulated throughout with Earthwool R4.0 batts, except bathroom which is insulated with R2.4. Ply interior with cement sheet around fire area. OS (oriented strand board) sub floor covered by a mix of second hand boards, some dressed.

Exterior a mix of ply, corrugated iron, weatherboard & cement sheet.

Kitchen area has battery ignition instantaneous LPG hot water (Rinnai Hotflo 10), LPG stove/grill/oven, double sink, under sink & bench storage.

Bathroom includes hand basin, cubicle shower & home made composting toilet, with urine diverting seat (sending urine to bucket outside) & feces to bucket situated inside the box, adjacent to a fan which dries matter & eliminates odour.

Lounge area has a wood fire, fold down desk & large windows.

Upper area comprises a sleeping loft (above the bathroom) and a storage loft (above the kitchen). Both lofts have antique Baltic pine flooring. Flooring in storage loft is not dressed. Sleeping loft fits a queen size mattress. Storage loft can fit a single mattress.

Down pipes at either end can divert run off into tanks. Awnings (outside entry door & kitchen) are attached by hinges and bolted to posts. Small makeshift shed, currently attached to East side will be disassembled.

Beautiful calm space. Plonk it down and enjoy the good life!

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