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Snowdrop Tiny Houses

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Snowdrop Tiny Houses was founded in May 2019 to provide alternative affordable housing solution of great quality, complying to all relevant rules and regulations, using environmentally sustainable materials wherever possible, with great thermal and acoustic comfort, amenity and structural integrity to those in need.

In 2015, I first became aware that there are many who are so desperately in need of a place to call home. Some were after just a room so they could sleep in at night. Unfortunately, Council requirements make it quite difficult and expensive for developers and investors to fill this gap resulting in high mortgages and consequently high rents.
Myself being a nature lover and consciously careful about the environment where possible, and used to living on a small budget and in small houses, when I stumbled on the Tiny Houses on Wheels concept I knew that this would be the perfect alternative solution to the affordable housing space where I could play a vital role.
Those who would choose to live in a Snowdrop Tiny House would be either young, middle aged and older Australian singles or couples who are on low incomes struggling to find decent affordable accommodation or whom are at risk of becoming homeless.

They could be those who want to break free from the rental trap to be able to have fewer and smaller bills so they can save for a deposit to buy/build their own home.

They could be those who choose to live a more streamlined existence with fewer possessions.

There are also those who would like a separate space for visiting family members or for their older children or older parents or need an extra source of income by renting a separate space for short term stays on Airbnb and the like.
More recently I found that due to necessity, people are trying to build themselves a tiny house and struggling in the process to find the info needed or lack the ability they need to build them with structural integrity and amenity. For this group and for those who want to complete their Tiny House with their artistic talent, we can supply the complete shell for them to finish it in their own time and budget.

Purchasers of Snowdrop Tiny Houses can be sure that irrespective of them getting just the complete shell or complete to move in ready stage, great attention is paid to detail ensuring that all the components of the tiny houses strictly comply to all the rules and regulations that apply to them thereby giving them confidence that they are getting a quality product and other road users are not put at unnecessary risk when the tiny houses get towed as and when needed.

For those who need that extra bit of space that is at most times lacking in a tiny house, we have our unique designs, that has taken into consideration the space required for ease of movement through the house, loads of storage and aesthetics.

With continuous improvement, we aim to be a market leader in this space.

I’m very proud of Snowdrop Tiny Houses and I welcome feedback and enquiries about our houses. Bring us your designs, your wants and needs and we can custom make one for you or choose from one of our designs.

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