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Havenwood Tiny Homes
Havenwood Tiny Homes

Havenwood Tiny Homes

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Our Journey to Havenwood

With over three decades of experience in the construction industry, our hearts have always longed for the countryside. Rick’s upbringing in the Central West of NSW and Shani’s roots in Sydney’s south ignited a shared dream—a life where our children could flourish amidst the freedom and serenity of a rural setting.

In 2017, we embarked on a new chapter, relocating to the picturesque hills of Jamberoo—a slice of heaven we now call home. Our vision was clear: to simplify our work lives, embrace a life connected to the land, and share the fruits of our labor through handmade and homegrown products. We envisioned a charming farmgate store nestled amidst the lush paddocks we had adorned with thousands of trees and shrubs. This haven, aptly named Havenwood, would serve as a refuge for our family and the tribe of foster children we care for.

In the beginning, we erected a delightful farmgate stand at the front of our property, offering homemade goods, vintage treasures, and bountiful produce from our land. Operating only on weekends, this humble stall provided much-needed income to support our farm and the well-being of our beloved chickens. As we greeted customers who stopped by, we found ourselves enamored with the idea of inviting weary travelers in for refreshment and inspiration. However, our dreams were met with opposition from neighbors and the local council, concerned about the impact on the peaceful rural ambiance they cherished.

After grappling with local authorities for about 18 months, hoping to turn our vision into reality, we faced numerous setbacks in our pursuit of a tourism-based venture on our farm. Frustrated but undeterred, we decided to seize an opportunity that presented itself—the development of tiny homes. It all began with building a tiny home for our daughter and her family, unaware at the time of the burgeoning “tiny home movement,” television shows, and the growing interest in this lifestyle.

Little did we know that our tiny home endeavor would blossom. Starting a business just months before the world was turned upside down by a pandemic may seem crazy, but we persevered. Over the next two years, we poured our heart and soul into building a business from scratch. We showcased our tiny homes at various shows, met countless incredible individuals, and introduced them to the concept of alternative living. Instead of slowing down, we found ourselves working harder than ever before.

Since then, our daily mission has been to serve our clients with excellence, offering homes that breathe life and bring joy to their owners. Drawing upon our combined years of construction expertise, our passion for interiors that inspire authentic living, and our dedication to using handmade and bespoke materials, we aspire to ignite the same sense of inspiration in you as you step into your dreams.

Life is both short and magnificent, urging us to embrace every opportunity wholeheartedly. We would be honored to accompany you on your journey to create your own haven—a sanctuary that reflects your unique desires and aspirations.

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