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Häuslein Tiny House Co
Häuslein Tiny House Co

Häuslein Tiny House Co

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Crafting Exquisite Compact Homes in Australia

At Häuslein, our name pays homage to the German tradition of cozy cabins and cottages—small dwellings that exude warmth, hospitality, and a genuine sense of belonging. With German heritage and an appreciation for quality engineering, we established Häuslein Tiny House Co in early 2018, driven by a collective desire to make a profound impact on people’s lives.

Based strategically in Port Macquarie, halfway between Sydney and Brisbane, our team of four friends shares a passion for living life to the fullest and cherishing the simple joys it brings. We believe in fostering meaningful relationships and cultivating a lifestyle that allows time for the little things—tending to gardens, relishing homemade wholesome meals, sharing laughter around the table, and pursuing our passions together. Our vision encompasses a stress-free existence that rejuvenates us, enabling us to be more productive and contribute our best to the world and those around us. Sustainability, generosity, and creativity are the core values we embrace, maximizing resources and embracing simplicity.

Affordability is a pressing concern in the housing market, which is why we strive to offer quality homes at accessible prices. Imagine the possibility of fully owning your home in just four years instead of three decades! Moreover, did you know that a tiny house built on a trailer can legally be parked in your backyard, allowing a member of your household to reside in it full-time without the need for Development Approval? This not only saves you time but also reduces financial burdens.

Our range of available tiny houses caters to diverse needs and budgets. The “Little Sojourner” model starts at a remarkably affordable $79,000. Additionally, we provide various stages of builds, including trailer-only options, lock-up and shell stages, empowering you to complete your tiny house according to your preferences and timeline. Downsizing doesn’t mean compromising on quality of life either. Our tiny houses offer all the modern comforts and conveniences you desire, from air conditioning to dishwashers, and you even have the option to go off-grid, significantly reducing ongoing expenses.

The flexibility of a tiny house opens up a world of possibilities. It can serve as your full-time abode, a granny flat, guest accommodation, a weekend retreat, a home office, or a source of rental income through platforms like Airbnb. Furthermore, their mobility sets them apart, as our tiny houses are road registered with the RMS, legally classified as caravans. Embracing this incredible and simpler way of living, many Australians are embracing the freedom and versatility that tiny houses offer.

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